Open call Product

Eyebrow Control Pinball

Eyebrow Controlled Pinball teaches and demonstrates through making the possibilities of computer & object interaction and hopes to inspire the younger generation to create interactive technology.



Eyebrow Controlled Pinball is an exploration into how we can incorporate facial recognition & landmarking technology into real life objects. It is an exploratory project that triesto reach into an unknown area of user-product interaction. Introducing this exploratory mindset to children at a young age encourages them to use their imagination when developing new ideas.


The project is an assembly of wooden parts, an acrylic sheet and electronic components that may be used for other projects as well. All the materials may be bought locally.

SDG Profile (selected SDG’s)

  • 4 - Quality Education
  • 9 - Industry Innovation and Infrastructure


All files are available online. Wikifactory hosts the plans necessary to build and code the product.


The product itself paired with a guided lesson from an educator/teacher aims to help children to develop this kind of person/object thinking, making their minds think about how they interact with objects and encouraging them to create ‘expressive new interactions with the world around them’.

All the parts can be prepared at a FabLab and assembled together anywhere else.