Open call Lesson

Hand Spin

Latin ancient toy remixed for 3D printing.



You can learn about local culture, history, physics subjects like motion, traction, energy, Newton’s laws and having fun because kids love spinning tops. Wetting the tip with ink can create several abstract images. You can use it like “beyblade style” and play in pairs in a battle arena.


This project only uses two materials: PLA for 3D printing, and rope.

SDG Profile (selected SDG’s)

  • 4 - Quality Education


All files are available online. Lesson is hosted on Scopes-DF.


The parents and educators must help in 3D printing. After that, the children can learn easily how to play in the video tutorial. You can use it like a toy at home, or a learning object at school. The fablab community is important to give support in digital fabrication, sharing the idea and improving it.