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Imagine Future Jobs

In the Future of Jobs project our aim is to facilitate children to reflect on their skills and passions and imagining interdisciplinary futures concerning their professional identities. This issue is addressed through four different design mediums, all of which, focus on imagination, creativity, speculation and creative making. Therefore the project consists of a series of speculative workshops about the future of jobs, a collage toy kit and Gachapon Toy which is connected to an Instagram account with inspiring content about speculative future jobs.

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Educators could use the instruction kits to make “future of job”workshops on their own and present new methodologies. Every school will get different results and will need to adapt the methodology accordingly.

Informal is something playful in everyday life such as youtuber, a museum or an amusement park. By collaborating with them it is possible to enhance curiosity and make it enjoyable for the next generation to explore the future of jobs concept.


SDG Profile (selected SDG’s)

  • 4 - Quality Education


Lesson documented on Scopes-DF. All materials needed are openly shared.


Home can be a creative space for children. It is the most comfortable place for the workshops as they could use objects and Materials in their homes such as old toys waste ,clay,etc to create the magic machines. Fablabs, could be also host the workshops and use innovation and fabrication tools available facilitating and elevating the creative making process.