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Ask The Checkers

Kids are generally uncomfortable when they are put around other new kids or situations they have not been before. This activity serves to “break the ice” and make kids get to know each other better through playing a new version of a game they probably played before.

This activity works memory, communication and keeps the child focused.



Ask the Checkers is based on the same checkers guidelines. They are groups of two, each group must have a checkerboard and 24 round pieces. The difference is in knowing the other through questions. Each time a player advances the player can ask a question. As the player advances, more and more questions are asked and the barriers between kids start to crumble. This activity works memory, communication and promotes socialization.


All the materials and techniques used are sustainable.

SDG Profile (selected SDG’s)

  • 4 - Quality Education


All the files needed are available online and a lesson is hosted on Scopes-DF. Can be produced using thin wood or even cardboard.


The game is ready to be crafted in a FabLab using a laser cutter. It can be used in different contexts as a way to encourage groups of unknown kids meet each other and get to know themselves.