Fabschools research Product

Me to You

By using our spare clothes we can create an object to stand in front of us when we cannot be together. Using any item of clothing to create casing and stuffing, we can gift our loved ones with a pillow that has a familiar smell and touch. Using simple tools and skills, it can be recreated almost anywhere.



This project is a great introduction to sewing and to how to use a sewing machine. Using old clothes as a raw material is a good way of not feeling intimidated by the machine and not fear to make mistakes and ruin the product. Embrace this hands-on project and create a pillow full of personality!


The project is created as a way to learn new skills and give a new life to old clothes making them valuable in a new way.

SDG Profile (selected SDG’s)

  • 3 - Good Health and Well-Being
  • 4 - Quality Education


All files are available online. The user can also follow the general guide and create his own shapes to sew.


This product can be recreated almost anywhere where a sewing machine or needles and thread are available. It is a good project to create at home as it does not need a lot of tools or materials and is a clean activity.