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Hatch is a DIY personalised charging dock for your phone designed to help you and your classmates stay focused while studying. The design consists of two parts, a phone case and a companion app.



In Hatch, the goal is to adopt a learning-by-doing approach. In the creative process of making a Hatch, children will be confronted with obstacles where things will not turn out as originally planned. This will encourage them to solve emerging problems on the fly, which is a valuable skill that requires creativity and should be trained through practise – something that cannot be learned from a book.


All the production is local using digital fabrication tools. The materials are mostly recyclable.

SDG Profile (selected SDG’s)

  • 4 - Quality Education


All the files needed are hosted on Wikifactory and the community is encouraged to collaborate.


Some materials have to be produced at a facility that owns a laser cutter such as Fablab or Makerspace. Teachers and parents should encourage kids to stay away from their phones at least while they are doing school work so they can be as focused as possible. This product can be a great way to encourage kids to have this behaviour in a voluntary way.