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Caleiduino is a sound interactive digital kaleidoscope based on Arduino. Caleiduino is a game, an object of art/artistic object and a tool to understand electronics and programming in a creative and entertaining way.

Own Website:


Caleiduino is adaptable to be used in elementary and middle schools as well as used for workshops and free play. It is a project that explores different topics such as electronics, programming, sound and graphics. The use context should be adapted to the main topic that is supposed to be addressed.


Most of the materials have to be bought beforehand and it uses some specific electronic parts that may have to be imported. The electronics may be used for other future projects though. As long as the parts are available, it can be assembled locally following digital guides provided online.

SDG Profile (selected SDG’s)

  • 4 - Quality Education
  • 9 - Industry Innovation and Infrastructure
  • 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production


The author allows everyone to use the project at his own will as long as new forks credit the original work. You are encouraged to create derivative forms of this project and all the files are available online on multiple platforms. The author sees the project as a way to encourage the user to explore how everything is made of spare parts that come together and form a product and how these parts can be assembled in new ways to create new products.


This project can be bought from its creators if the user is not interested in producing it. It can be produced in a Fablab using the available machines and materials following the assembly guide. Online platforms are a great partner as a way to share new approaches to the original project.