Meet Fabschools!

How can Fablabs
impact education?

Fabschools invites you to imagine how a Fablab (Makerspace) can impact education. Even in schools where makerspaces or digital fabrication tools are nonexistent?
To do so, We invite creatives (makers, designers, artists) who traditionally inhabit the fablab and educators to collaborate. The challenge is understanding how to use the production of the informal educational contexts of fablabs while working with teachers to extrapolate these to formal education environments.

Rocha, A., & Almeida, T. (2020). Fabschools—Maker Education from Home. In Viral Design (pp. 154–161). Fablab Barcelona, IAAC.

The Fabschools Ecosystem

Posgraduate Course
Our post-graduation course in Design of Interactive Products for Education is designed to prepare design and education professionals for seamless integration and coordination within multidisciplinary teams. Through this program, you will develop the necessary skills to undertake tasks in the design, selection, and implementation of interactive products for education. Join us to enhance your expertise and excel in the dynamic field of educational design.
Fabschools research is dedicated to comprehending and contributing to the identification of maker education artifacts and practices suitable for formal education. Our mission is to explore and uncover innovative approaches that seamlessly integrate the principles of maker education into traditional educational settings. Join us as we advance our understanding and drive positive change in the realm of formal education.
Design and Training
Fabschools is committed to developing teacher training programs based on the products and practices derived from our research projects, as well as those created by our students and community. Our goal is to empower educators with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively integrate innovative maker education approaches into their teaching methodologies. Join us in shaping the future of education by fostering a community-driven approach to teacher training and professional development.

Meet the team

André Rocha
André Rocha
Professor / Researcher
Tiago Almeida
Tiago Almeida
Professor / Researcher